Our Story

After practicing intermittent fasting for several years, we sought ways to ease discomfort and make this practice less annoying. That's when we discovered electrolytes as a solution to this problem.

Emerging from yet another nutritional rabbit hole, Alex decided to create the purest and most effective electrolyte mix for intermittent fasting and daily use.

The results were genuinely amazing! A potent mix of electrolytes and minerals made a significant difference in our everyday lives, and we've been hooked ever since.

Over the past six years, Alex has refined the formula, with Pavel reaping the benefits and discovering more and more advantages of this mix.

It was so exceptional that we couldn't shut up about it. And how could we? What other supplement provides immediate results, solves 20+ practical everyday issues, and tastes fantastic? The answer is... none.

We crafted SOURCE for ourselves – for a perfectionist and a nutrition nerd. No shortcuts. No BS. Pure. Natural. Effective.

Now, we are excited to share it with you.

– Pavel & Alex

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